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A Day's Bag 1870

Still Life With Grapes

Floral Still Life on
Marble Tabletop 1872

Pastoral Scene 1874

Ducks In Flight 1876

Woodcock Shooting

Hunter's Advice 1880

Out of His Element 1883

Boy Artist 1883

At the Doorway 1883

Gen. Sheridan 1883

Woman 1883

Harriet Moody 1883

Woman with
Head Scarf 1884

The Day's Catch 1886

Young Girl with Doll

Young Girl with Fan

River Landscape 1889

Man Smoking Pipe 1889

Old Man with Book 1890

Man Playing Guitar

Walt Whitman 1890

Waiting for the
Fishing Party 1891

(trade card)

Waiting for the
Fishing Party 1891

Man In Straw Hat 1891

The Huntsman 1891

Cat in the Cradle 1891

After the Hunt 1892

Checking the Time 1892

The Butterfly 1893

South Horticultural Bridge

North Canal Bridge 1893

Potting Flowers 1894

History of Chicago (Murals)

The Eve of the Open Season

Dutch Boy Painter 1907

Marsh 1908

St. Bernard Pups 1908

Solitaire 1915

Out of His Element

Title: Out of His Element
Media: Print (of Watercolor)
Signed: LC Earle '83
Size: 13" x 16" (plus border)
print copyright 1883

The owner is looking for more information. She writes:

"I'm enclosing some photo's of some art work of L.C. Earle's. Could you please help me out on this. I haven't been able to fine any information on this painting. It has a sticker on the back of the art work that says "J. C. Ivensen & Co. from 425 E. Water St. Milwaukee." If you could help me or let me know where I might find some information on this, I would greatly appreciate it."

"I think this is actually a print. Next to L.C. Earle's name is the date 1883. It also has the date of 1883 next to the copyright of Rand McNally who made the print. So I guess the print is 120 years old. It would be fine with me if you want to share this information with others. I'm really curious about this. Isn't the frame beautiful? The back is sealed with paper."

Thank You, Sheila

If you have information, please contact Sheila via email, or myself. DB

22 SEP 2003


*Thanks to Dr. J. Gray Sweeney for permission to use material from
Artists of Grand Rapids 1840-1980, J. Gray Sweeney; Grand Rapids, 1981:
The Grand Rapids Art Museum, The Grand Rapids Public Museum

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