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Dutch Boy Painter
Vol. XV Number 2
March 1922





Lawrence C. Earle Executes Likeness of
Mrs. Putnam for New Building

  Lawrence C. Earle has just completed a portrait of the late Mrs. Carrie Williams Putnam, which will be placed in the new YWCA building when the structure is finished.

  Mrs. Putnam left a large legacy to the YWCA and she herself made provision for the painting of portraits for herself and her daughter, Miss Belle Putnam, who died many years ago, to be placed in the YWCA building.

  Mr. Earle was given the commission and he is now at work on the portrait of the daughter. In the portrait of Mrs. Putnam the artist has caught the character, individuality and likeness of the subject. He has toned the picture in a high key, using light tones of blues and violets in the gown and draperies, the background being in rich soft color effects.

  Mr. Earle has been especially successful in the painting of character types among older persons and earlier in his career he painted some celebrated character studies and prized figure work which rated high among the products of America's artists.

  He has encountered some difficulty in painting the Putnam portraits, as he has been obliged to work from photographs and his own memory of Mrs. Putnam, consequently the satisfactory result which has been acclaimed by many of Mrs. Putnam's oldest friends is a triumph for the artist. The portraits will be placed in vaults of the Michigan Trust until they are unveiled in the permanent location.


*Thanks to Dr. J. Gray Sweeney for permission to use material from
Artists of Grand Rapids 1840-1980, J. Gray Sweeney; Grand Rapids, 1981:
The Grand Rapids Art Museum, The Grand Rapids Public Museum

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