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L. C. Earle (young)

L. C. Earle undated

L. C. Earle - Studio

Helen Harmon (young)

Helen C. Harmon (wife)

Ray & Larry Earle (sons)

John Edward Earle (father)

Mary Melvina Dorset (mother)

Painting of L. C.'s Mother
Mary Melvina (Dorset) Earle

LETTER: John E. Earle
to his wife, Mary - 1842


Interesting Associations

Grand Rapids Home

Montclair, NJ Home

Earle Family Gravesite

Edward Earle Gravestone
(Grandfather of Lawrence)


Edward Earle (1757-1825)

Rural Cemetery
Poughkeepsie, Dutchess County, New York
Site "M"

Sacred to the memory of
Capt. Edward Earle
Commissioned in the service
of his British (Britain)
Majesty George iii reign
Gen. Court. Skinner Brigade
Born September 25th 1757
Died July 5th 1825

Widow of
Capt. Edward Earle
Born April 15 1765
Died March 26th  1833

Ester Van Dine
Born 27 Feb 1775
Died 23 Dec 1855 (1865) 

Adelia Morgan
Born Jun 12th 1822
Died Jan 5th 1842

As you can see this stone is not in very good position. Its laying down in the ground and I had to dig around it and I spent about a hour trying to clean it up. I used just plain water and my hand. I left some blood on the stone ( from my hand) and I said "I guess it's a blood relative." I think the stone might be white marble but its so dirty. I am wondering what might be on the back of it. Had a hard time trying to make out the words but this is the gist of it.

It's a shame to leave the stone in that condition. Probably could read it much better if it was cleaned and standing.

His son Cornelius 1789-1885 and grand-son Rev. Cornelius 1823-1902 are buried there along with a lot of other Earle's plus a lot of Lent's.

Would you please let me know if you receive any response from this?

Thank you. Patricia L Stringham,
3GGG Granddaughter of Justus Earle, UEL 



*Thanks to Dr. J. Gray Sweeney for permission to use material from
Artists of Grand Rapids 1840-1980, J. Gray Sweeney; Grand Rapids, 1981:
The Grand Rapids Art Museum, The Grand Rapids Public Museum

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